Small rides for big cities.

Change in motion

Greener cities start with 1st movers

As cities grow, so do carbon emissions. But getting from A to B doesn’t have to harm you or the environment. The Nought.One is change in motion: a zero-emissions ride for sustainable journeys through the urban environment.

Experience life close up

Now you don't have to stop to smell the roses.

Don’t let life pass you by on the other side of the doors. Skip the bumper-to-bumper traffic and experience the great outdoors as you see your city in a new light.

Just fold and roll

The Nought.One folds in two and is designed to have the smallest possible storage footprint. With wheels on the handlebars, it’s convenient to carry and manoeuvre around train stations during connected journeys.

Never not moving

Swap out the drained battery with a spare and carry on with your day – no need to plug the whole scooter in. Extend your range to see more of your city without ever getting stranded.

Nought E Scooter

Know your ride

Keep track of your speed, range and battery level on every journey with the integrated OLED screen display.

The ergonomic cockpit design has simplified touch points with just three buttons; scooter on/off, headlight on/off, cruise control on/off.

E scooter user interface

See and be seen

Stay safe when you’re riding at night with a powerful full-beam headlight to help you find your way, and brake lights and indicators to keep other drivers informed of your movements.